Why Grepcon

Grepcon is a Spanish Engineering and Supervision services company with international experience.

We were founded in 2007 as specialists in the field of Health, Safety and the Environmental (HSE) and our services now include Quality and Engineering.

We define ourselves as a team of engineers and professionals with an organizational and management model that enables us to be flexible and efficient, foresee needs and propose appropriate solutions to our clients to help them meet their objectives.

We now work in a different, decentralised manner, operating on a networking basis, with flexibility and speed. We are part of a global human network.

Our consulting model enables us to provide solutions with agility and value, wherever our clients may be.

People are at the core of our activity, with the aim of ensuring that the projects in which we participate are both safe and healthy work environments for people and respectful of the environment.


We work hand in hand.
We are part of your team.
Empathy and understanding are the pillars of this partnership.


We adapt to your needs: we are flexible in the manner in which we work and agile in the speed with which we implement our services.


We are honest and work for your good. We always strive to be aligned with you. We build trust.


We combine our experience in each area with a comprehensive project vision and a top-quality programme.


We are not satisfied with the current results. We place an the emphasis on your continuous improvement.


Experience and Knowledge, multiplied by Attitude. This is the formula that ensures your services meet all your expectations and more.

The team

David Rodríguez

We are for people, just like you!

Marta Agenjo

Administrative Director Spain
Working to make your day by day easier.

Conchi Menéndez

Project Director Spain
Your needs are our commitment!

Esther Villanueva

Project Director Spain
We work for your tranquillity, that's our goal!

Ricardo Álvarez

Project Manager Spain
Where there is a successful company, someone once made a brave decision.

Juan Marcos Jimenez Cuesta

Project Director Spain
Our goal: to be your journey companion. Our commitment: make it easy!

Ernesto Carneiro

Portugal Delegate and Project Director Portugal
More than celebrating the arrival, we learn to enjoy the journey

Casimiro Carvalho

Project Director Portugal
The motivation of our staff…..provides the satisfaction of our clients!!!!