Health and Safety

  • Coordination of Health and Safety in Construction Works
  • Coordination of Business Activities
  • Management of Safety and/or Environment
  • Supervision of Safety and/or Environment
  • Preventive Resources

We specialize in the provision of solutions throughout every phase of a project to ensure the health and safety of workers, in addition to caring for the environment:

  1. We study and design management systems for prevention and compliance with safety regulations.
  2. We propose prevention criteria based on the requirements of each project and our clients.
  3. We provide guidance on the human, technical and material resources required for the implementation of the designed systems.
  4. We coordinate and supervise the execution phase: we monitor compliance with plan procedures, anticipate contingencies and play the role of intermediary between the various agents and contractors.
  5. We provide training and management of personnel changes based on your perception of the risk.


  • On-site environmental management
  • Monitoring, control and inspection of environmental compliance throughout the works
  • Environmental monitoring plans
  • Waste management plans
  • Procedures and authorizations

We at Grepcon believe that the execution of works needs to go hand in hand with the preservation of the environment.

Aware of the strategic importance and urgent nature of the response to the issues caused by climate change, loss of biodiversity and natural resources, GREPCON has created a team of professionals with sound expertise in the area of ​the ​Environment, Biology and Nature Conservation, in addition to vast experience gathered in a wide range of projects.

Consultancy Services

  • HSE training: high level techniques; HuP; cultural change
  • Health and Safety Studies and Plans
  • Specific safety procedure manuals
  • ISO 45001 certification. Guidance on the implementation of PRL Management Systems
  • Emergency plans and drills
  • Development of specific ATEX regulations
  • Coordination of health and safety in project phases
  • Implementation and internal audits of the Quality Management System

We conduct specific activities adapted to the needs of our clients, placing multi-disciplinary teams at their disposal.

Our experience, knowledge and work in the operating processes of companies from different sectors enable us to provide services with greater added value, associating health and safety with the competitive improvement of our clients.

Supervision and Engineering

  • Quality Supervisor
  • Civil Works Supervisor
  • Electrical Supervisor
  • Mechanical Assembly Supervisor
  • Logistics Supervisor

We provide our clients with comprehensive management services with tailored solutions. We have a network of qualified specialists with vast experience in different production sectors, thereby ensuring we provide the best service regardless of the nature of the business.

Our experience and capacity is a guarantee of the efficiency of our services.